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More about Vegetarianism

I’ve read a little bit more and talked to some people about vegetarianism, and I’ve clarified my ideas a little more. The section of AC that I quoted is about the commandment not to eat blood with flesh, since that … Continue reading

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How would you react if someone told you that in itself, eating meat is profane?  If someone had said this to me yesterday, I think I probably would have said, “Well, it was for the Most Ancient Church, but things … Continue reading

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Laws Against Blasphemy?

This is from Divine Providence, n. 136:2 (emphasis added): The external cannot compel the internal, but the internal can compel the external. Who can be compelled to believe and to love? One can no more be compelled to believe than … Continue reading

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Yet Another Ron Paul Post

I don’t want this blog to turn into a Ron Paul fansite, but I keep coming across Paul-related things that I want to post about.  Anyway.  A lot of my political thinking is based on a passage from The True Christian … Continue reading

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