New Blog Layout

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog “theme” or layout.  This is a brand new theme on WordPress, and I like it more than my old one.  The problem is that this is the new default theme, and even the header picture (which I like more than any of the other available header images) is the default.  All of which means my blog will look like the blog of everyone who starts a WordPress blog and doesn’t bother to change any of the settings.  BUT I CHOSE IT!

About Coleman Glenn

I'm a New Church (Swedenborgian) minister and Patheos blogger (
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6 Responses to New Blog Layout

  1. Coleman Glenn says:

    Although the font’s a little big. What do you think? Is this better, or was it better before?

  2. KEK says:

    Beautiful! I like the sense of peace and calmness and the bright sun touching bits of the tree branches and the field.

    I can’t tell if the font size has changed because I just adjust the screen size if I can’t see something easily. The links on the right are much smaller in ratio to the entries than they were before on my computer, but I don’t know if that’s universal.

    Can you edit the html of your blog? That’s not a sly way of suggesting you do, I was just wondering if WordPress allows it.

  3. Coleman Glenn says:

    I don’t think I can unless I upgrade to a paid account, Kendra. Unless someone knows something I don’t?

    • KEK says:

      Ah HA! You can edit html as much as you want on Blogspot without paying a cent.

      How’d you know KEK was me?

      • Coleman Glenn says:

        Hmmm… Now I need to find out if there IS some way to edit the HTML.

        As to how I figured out who you were, I’m glad you asked. It wasn’t easy. I figured out right away, of course, that KEK stood for Knight of Elizabeth’s Kingdom. But who could that be? At first I thought perhaps Sir Sean Connery, or maybe Sir Alec Guiness’s ghost. But something was amiss. If this were REALLY a British knight, surely they would know the difference between a king and a queen – so they would surely call themselves KEQ – Knights of Elizabeth’s QUEENDOM.

        So that was my first clue – this must be an American, drawn to romantic notion of “England” but woefully ignorant of noble gender roles. I racked my brain to think of a man who wanted to be a knight, but none came to mind.

        Then it dawned on me. First, KEK was NOT really a knight – and therefore the name itself was a form of historical fiction. Our mysterious commenter was a fan of historical fiction. Besides this, if KEK didn’t know the difference between a king and queen, why should he/she know that knights are male? And what historical fiction could have led to such confusion over gender? Orlando, of course! Since you’re the only person I know who’s even read Orlando, let alone liked it, I guessed it was you.

        But here’s the ironic part that you must not have realized as you were coming up with your code name: KEK ARE YOUR INITIALS, TOO! Not only that, but two of your ACTUAL names are the same as in your code name: Elizabeth and Knight! The subconscious does amazing things, eh?

  4. KEK says:

    So I realize your blog has moved on to deeper, more insightful topics than the layout, but I feel compelled to comment publicly. Your stellar inductive and deductive reasoning skills betray that you must have been playing more Sherlock Holmes. But why don’t you write clues in your book for Watson to follow?!

    Also I don’t think a true British knight would be so informal as to refer to his monarch as Elizabeth. Seems a bit personal, eh?

    “I racked my brain to think of a man who wanted to be a knight, but none came to mind.” Weird, don’t all men want to be knights?

    ORLANDO! Not sure I should elaborate on this point, but don’t want to miss a chance to express my enthusiasm for this novel. It’s so so terribly entertaining: a point not well made with my brief readings.

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