Megachurch Parody

First off, sorry for the week long absence from this blog, and sorry that this post won’t be very substantial – I was gone from Friday through Monday on a young adult retreat in Asheville, North Carolina (it was great!), and I’m still trying to catch up on work.

Several of the blogs I follow have posted this video, a parody of a lot of contemporary Christian worship services.  I’ve only been to a few of these kinds of services, but the video seems pretty spot-on (and pretty funny).

The video was actually put together by North Point Church, which does have this kind of worship – and which the New Church has been looking to as a possible model for outreach, especially in New Church Live.  Whatever the merits may be of this kind of service, it’s worth knowing that it’s become prevalent enough that it is ripe for parody.


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2 Responses to Megachurch Parody

  1. Brian Smith says:

    I don’t understand. Its very funny and a little yucky. I know North Point is very analytical of what they do and also very willing to share the components. But the video seemed a little too effective at making the experience seem phony.

  2. Coleman Glenn says:

    Yeah, I know, Brian. I think from their perspective they were probably gently poking fun at themselves and other churches that have a similar format – anyone who does any kind of service knows exactly the kind of foibles it’s likely to have (you could easily do a New Church traditional service parody on false endings) – but to me it actually does come across as a little too accurate. Maybe someone more familiar with North Point could explain how what they do is substantially different from what the video is making fun of.

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