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Sermon: Feeding the 5,000

This is the audio from the sermon I gave yesterday, Sunday, January 30, 2011, at the Olivet New Church in Toronto.  The lessons are Exodus 16:1-5,13-15, 31; Mark 6:31-44; and Arcana Coelestia 5405.  Although if I had to do it … Continue reading

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Hi all, I’m moving!  A few blogs I really like recently moved to, a comparative religion website.  I got in touch with the editors there, and they’re excited about the opportunity to have some New Church / Swedenborgian content, … Continue reading

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Your Place in Heaven

I’ve posted before about angels who go to the lower levels of heaven being content with their place, since they are as happy as they can be and don’t wish to be in the higher heavens.  I was having a … Continue reading

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Eating Ashes

I experienced a lot of grief last year.  A lot of people I care about died.  It’s been a struggle to stay positive light of the stark realization that everyone dies.  I hold on to my faith in life after … Continue reading

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Podcast on New Years’ Resolutions

I’m a guest on today’s Chapman Cast podcast with Pearse Frazier and Malcolm Smith, on the topic of New Year’s resolutions.  It was my first podcast, and I think you can tell that while they were actually listening to each … Continue reading

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