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Yet Another Ron Paul Post

I don’t want this blog to turn into a Ron Paul fansite, but I keep coming across Paul-related things that I want to post about.  Anyway.  A lot of my political thinking is based on a passage from The True Christian … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

Here’s Ron Paul earlier today on CNN. He makes some very good points (e.g. it’s congress, not the president, who declares war or does not declare war), but his answers to the questions about interventionism reminded me of my doubts … Continue reading

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Ron Paul

I posted these entries on livejournal earlier.  I’m posting them here now.  Enjoy. 12:30 am Ron Paul So, I watched the Republican debates earlier tonight, but I missed what might have been the most important part (at least from my … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech killer

In chapel yesterday, Dean Carswell talked a little bit about the killer at Virginia Tech.  He talked about the ways that letting resentment and anger boil inside of you can take you to a point where you explode, and about … Continue reading

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